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About Us

We are a D Grade band based in Masterton, and the only brass band in the Wairarapa.  The band covers events from Mauriceville in the north, to Featherston in the south, and anywhere in between.  Rehearsals are held every Monday evening between 7:00pm and 9:00pm at our Bandroom on Park Avenue, Masterton.

Masterton District Brass Band is proud to have been continuously serving the community since 1873.  Our name may have changed from time to time, mostly to adapt to local government name changes, but the band has never stopped or gone into recess during difficult times, including World Wars or the Great Depression. 

As part of the celebration events to mark the band's centenary, George Groombridge, long-serving band member and President in 1972, produced a history of the band entitled "The First 100 Years of the Masterton Municipal Silver Band". This history has since been converted to PDF and can be viewed here.

Recent Accomplishments

National Champion Junior Ensemble B 2016
National Champion Junior Ensemble B (6-12 players)


2016 National Championships, Napier

Left-Right Euan Morgan, Byron Bunny, Linda Morgan, Jamane Jope-Neligan, Kotomi Katayama, Robert Evers

Winner D Grade Stage March 2016
Winner, D Grade Stage March
2016 National Championships, Napier

National Champion Ensemble 2015
National Champion Ensemble (8-12 players)
2015 National Championships, Rotorua
Back Row, Left-Right: David Kinzett, Jamane Jope-Neligan, Russell Connon, Byron Bunny, Maree McLeod, Liam MacDonald, Claudia Morgan, Matt Chapman
Front Row, Left-Right:  Callum Riach, Robert Priday, Josh Ingle
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